Tips For a Healthy Halloween

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Ah, Halloween, a dentist’s least favourite holiday! Why? Because the amount of candy and sugar consumed is never a great idea for healthy smiles. However, there are ways for you to enjoy Halloween even from a dentist’s perspective. Follow our tips to thrive this Halloween season!

1. Inspect The Candy

Instead of eating candy between houses, wait until you get home to dive into the collection. Do not eat any candy that is open, appears to have been tampered with, or you do not know what is in it. This is not only a dental safety tip but an overall Halloween safety tip as well!

2. Set Limits

Set limits before and after trick or treating. Use a smaller bag to limit the amount of candy you collect, and minimize the temptation while still having a fun time! Following a night of trick or treating, set a daily limit for the amount of candy your family will eat. This way, you can still enjoy treats without overindulging.

3. Avoid In-Between Meal Snacks

When you snack on sugary sweets between meals, you give natural bacteria more time to stick to your teeth and form sticky plaque and tooth decaying acids. At mealtimes, you generally have other foods as well as rinse your mouth by drinking water or milk.

4. You Do Not Have To Eat All The Candy

Everyone has a few candies that do not make their top 10, so why not get rid of the ones that are not your favourite and really enjoy the ones you love?

5. Maintain Other Healthy Oral Habits

One of the best tips is to pay extra special attention to your oral habits during this time. Make sure you are flossing twice daily and staying on top of brushing as well as using mouthwash.

6. Hand Out Other Halloween Treats

You do not have to hand out candy at Halloween, you can participate in other ways! Why not offer fun stickers or stationery items? This way, you know you will not be contributing to the Halloween candy conundrum!

7. Know Personal Limitations

Do you have braces or dental sensitivities? Eating specific Halloween candies can pose serious issues if you have braces, cavity fillings or partial tooth reconstructions. Avoid hard candies, chips, popcorn, sticky treats like caramel and gum.

Finally, make sure you book a post-Halloween appointment with your dentist. This way, you can be sure all of your teeth remain healthy and get an expert clean after those sweet treats. Call HiFive Dental Today and book your child’s post-Halloween dental appointment today!

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