The Difference Between General/ Family Dentists and Pediatric Dentists

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All dentists are qualified and trained to provide oral care. However, many parents don’t realize that the sub specialty of pediatric dentistry even exists. Due to our health care system, we are used to the need for a referral to a see a children’s specialist or any other kind of specialist. This is not the case in dentistry and one does not need a referral to take your child to a pediatric dental specialist. You can call to make an appointment at Hifive today without a referral!

Here are some key differences between a general or family dentist and a pediatric dentist that you should consider when choosing a dentist for your child.


Level Of Training

Both general and pediatric dentists must first obtain an undergraduate degree. Then, they must complete four years of professional dental training. This qualifies all dentists to provide treatments for common dental concerns affecting people of all ages, such as cavities and gum disease. To become a pediatric dentist, a dentist has to complete an additional 2-3 year residency training in the specialty of pediatric dentistry. This rigorous training includes:


  • Child psychology and behavior management
  • Appropriate dental treatment of medically compromised and special needs children in conjunction with other medical specialists
  • Expertise in children’s oral health issues and their treatment  such as decay, thumb sucking, bite issues
  • Rigorous training in sedation and anesthesia for children
  • Expertise in detecting and treating growth/development issues of the mouth and head
  • Preventative and restorative dental treatment for children using child friendly language

We all care deeply for our children and want the best in everything for them. If your child needs to see a dentist would you rather that they see someone who sees children 20% of the time like a general dentist or 100% of the time and is specialized to address all aspects of your child’s oral health? The answer is simple- a pediatric dentist is best for your child.


Kid Friendly Atmosphere

At Hifive Kids dental, the office is created for children! Everything is chosen with children in mind, from the dental equipment to the office interior design. Our office is brightly colored with fun toys to play with while you are waiting to rewards after the appointment. The staff are trained to work with children in a friendly and understanding manner. This can make a world of difference to a child’s perception of the dental office and decrease any anxiety they may have.


Why Should I Choose A Pediatric Dentist?

The choice ultimately depends on your family’s needs and preferences. However, pediatric dentists offer many unique benefits for your child.

Hifive Kids Dental is your kids’ dental office of choice in Pickering, Ajax and the Durham region. You can trust our friendly pediatric dentist, orthodontist  and our team to provide individualized treatment that suit your child’s unique needs. Call us now to book an appointment!


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