Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is the process in which a dentist will complete all your child’s dental needs in one appointment while they are sleep under general anesthesia. Everything from x-rays to restorative procedures and a deep cleaning can be completed during the appointment.

When Sleep Dentistry is Used

Some children are not able to cooperate for dental work awake due to young age, anxiety or extensive dental needs. In these cases, sleep dentistry may be the only way to complete dental work.

At Hifive Kids Dental, we believe in minimally invasive treatment options and will attempt treatment with other modes of sedation first. However, if your child is extremely sensitive and neither conscious sedation nor laughing gas has been successful, our pediatric dentist may recommend sleep dentistry.

Sleep dentistry is extremely safe and we work with a medical anesthesiologist to ensure the best and most safe treatment for your child.

Preparation and Aftercare

Before the appointment, the process will be be explained in depth to you-including any rules with regards to eating that should be followed. Our anesthesiologist and pediatric dentist will also discuss any questions you may have regarding the treatment.

Following the appointment, you will be given instructions with regards to proper aftercare. Most children have recovered and are usually doing well by the evening time!

Please call us at Hifive Kids Dental in Pickering and Ajax to discuss sleep dentistry if you feel this is an option you would like to discuss for your child’s dental needs!

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