Preventative Treatment

HiFive Kids Dental strives to start our patients off on the right foot at a young age with regards to their oral health! Prevention is key when it comes to cavities and there are several components to preventative pediatric dentistry. Please read below for more information:


Even with regular brushing, plaque and food can get stuck in the deep grooves of your child’s permanent molars which come in a resound age six. Too much plaque may result in painful cavities. To combat the risks, molar sealants are used to prevent plaque from building up on the actual tooth and cavities from forming on these teeth.


Fluoride is known to strengthen tooth enamel and minimal amounts of fluoride coupled with a healthy diet and oral habits reduce the risk of tooth decay. At HiFive Kids Dental, we offer professional grade fluoride treatments every six months to ensure healthy and strong tooth enamel!

Space Maintainers

A space maintainer is an appliance that is applied in place of a missing tooth due to a cavity or trauma. Space maintainers prevent future crowding and space loss due to premature tooth loss. If your child has any missing teeth, please come in to discuss options for the space!

Breaking Habits

HiFive Kids Dental provides a variety of different solutions to help with thumbsucking/finger-sucking habits. These habits can be detrimental if continued for many years and we have just the right solutions to help your child stop!

Call the HiFive Kids Dental clinic in Durham to learn more about our preventative treatments or to book your consultation today!

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