Dental Options for Children with Sensory Issues

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Coming to Hifive kids dental might remind you of stepping into your child’s preschool or daycare. At Hifive kids dental, we purposefully create a welcoming, child-friendly environment that includes colorful walls, toys, pleasant music, and smells for our little patients. This helps your little one feel safe while at the same time giving them a sense of ease and comfort.

We especially love our special needs patients! For children who are on the autism spectrum (ASD) or who have sensory issues, certain sounds and smells can be overwhelming. We understand that as the parent of a child on the spectrum, you mostly want them to feel at ease and comfortable.

Sensory Disorders
Sensory disorders are characterized by limited social relatedness, lack of communication as well as restricted interest and repetitive behavior patterns. Common behaviors can include hand flapping, twirling, rocking and hypersensitivity to sensory experiences such as bright lights and sounds.

There are two ways that individuals with sensory processing issues can respond to sensory stimuli: sensory seeking or sensory avoidance. Sensory seekers find tooth brushing a soothing experience. On the other hand, sensory avoidant children can process external stimuli as irritating or painful, which can make a dental appointments overwhelming. We will make sure to figure out your child’s dental needs best and remain within the realm of calm and comfortable.

Preparing for the Dental visit
If you think that your child might have anxiety about going to the dentist, then you can schedule a tour ahead of time to the dental office before your appointment. This can give your child the opportunity to become more familiar with the environment. This works really well for ASD kids. Please feel free to speak with our dental team about your child’s specific needs and let them know of any sensitivities and preferences. This will allow us to prepare for your upcoming appointment better. We will also make an effort to make sure we remain consistent for your child’s appointment by coming to the same room that they were in and having the same people( dentist and assistant) present to ensure that your child’s visit is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

If you are looking for a welcoming and caring dental office for your child, Hifive Dental serving Pickering/Ajax welcomes all children! Our team of friendly staff is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive and enriching environment for your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour, consultation or appointment.

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